Our Story

Peace Plan Positivity Products, founded in 2017 by N'Kenge Robertson, a college junior at the time determined to create products that allowed her to nourish her skin without chemicals she couldn't pronounce which would allow her to finally be able to create her own at home spa at an affordable price.

After dealing with anxiety in the years prior to Peace Plan Positvity being founded N'Kenge had to work twice as hard to find peace in her life mentally and physically which became a drain so she decided to take a leap of her own and create her own collection. With each item being handmade from the ingredients to the twill she wanted others like herself to experience "peace plan & positivity" in the same way without straining themselves in the process. Starting with aromatherapy scrubs that weren't like your usual essential oil scents she expanded to body oil, linen mist etc. to complete the aromatherapy line. After completing the collection she wanted to venture off into oil warmers and oils to complete the aroma experience in a unique and modern way. 

With values rooted in holistic healing, authenticity, and empathy based values Peace Plan Positivity Products was created for you today to be able to enjoy. We pride ourselves on products that not only look good on the outside but those that nourish and affirm the soul as well.

-Peace Plan Positivity Products